I bought a Dyson V8 Absolute vacuum cleaner. Here is the big deal about it. You know Pablo, right? If you don’t, you can get to know him by clicking here. Like all perfect creatures, he has one downside – Hairs. Thanks to Phillips robot vacuum cleaner, it cleans all the floors several times during the day but what about the points it cannot reach? Sofas, beds, corners and many more points which need cleaning also.

I don’t like the traditional vacuum cleaners as you have to carry them with their long pipe and all the noise they have. They were never for me. And one day I saw in a shop these cordless types of Dyson vacuum cleaners. Fell in love. Yes, I have a habit that I can easily fall in love with things. My first love was an HTC smartphone back in 2010. Anyway, after some time Dyson V8 and I got together. Here is my unboxing video. Can you feel how excited I am during the unboxing of Dyson?

Never thought vacuuming could be fun but now with cordless vacuums, it’s really fun.