It’s finally the best time of the year again. Vilnius is a very keen city for designing and implementing different concepts for the Christmas tree each and every year. This year’s concept for the x-mas tree was “chess”.

Christmas brings a lot of color to the city. The Christmas train is one of the colorful events during this time of the year. You can take a city tour by Christmas train enjoying the lights of the city. The weather goes dark around 4’o clock so there is plenty of time before it gets late to enjoy the cheerful streets of the city.

There are temporary shops made of glass around the old town. You can buy Christmas goodies as well as hot drinks and cookies depending on which shop you are in. I was in a nice coffee shop with delicious homemade sweets on a nice display.

Though the outside temperature was below zero, the inside of the glass shop was very warm that made me take out my coat while enjoying my coffee.