package from China

If you remember I mentioned you how my relation began with AliExpress in one of the previous posts I shared. Since then I keep ordering goodies for myself.

Few weeks ago, I ordered a few things again and guess what? The post came today. When I was ordering last time the Coronavirus was not in the first line of the agenda of the world. When I got the package in my hands I realized that it is coming from China.

You might be aware that lately the popular subject in social media is: “Is there a chance of getting infected by Coronavirus via the post coming from China?”.

Keeping this in my mind but knowing that the post does not deliver Coronavirus I couldn’t keep myself away from thinking about it. And today when I took the package in my hands I decided to write this post as a memory of these days. Who knows sometime later they can declare that packages are delivering virus too 🙂

There are more deliveries from China

Actually, in a few day’s time, I received several more packages from AliExpress. I made videos for them and there are in line to be edited. As soon as I finish editing the unpacking video of this pack I will also post it here. Until then you can check my magnetic charging cable unboxing video 🙂