cook eggplants with tomato sauce

How to cook Eggplants or Aubergine?

During one of these quarantine days, I was chatting with my relatives via WhatsApp and I asked them what should I cook with three big eggplants that I had in the fridge.

In the end, it is the same plant. According to the internet, eggplant is mostly used in America while aubergine is mostly used in Europe.

So, I decided to name it eggplants because the pronunciation is easier for me. But in my video, I used both words from time to time unintentionally.

Ingredients for deep-fried eggplants

I used the following ingredients to cook the eggplants and the amazing tomato sauce:

3 large pieces of eggplants
sunflower oil for frying
olive oil
apple cider vinegar

How I cooked

Preparing the eggplants:

Peel them stripped and cut into slices as thick as your finger. Put them in a large bowl of water with a lot of salt. Let them rest for about an hour.

Prepare the hot sunflower oil to fry the eggplants. Before frying, drain and dry the eggplants carefully to avoid hot oil splashes. Fry the eggplants to the point that they change their color. Less is better than more so try not to over-fry. Take the fried eggplants on a plate and let them wait for the tomato sauce. I do not recommend taking the oil out of eggplants fully using a paper towel but I recommend draining the oil well enough while taking them from the pan. The oil absorbed by the eggplants when mixed with the tomato sauce will make a magic result.

Tomato sauce:

Peel the tomatoes, chop them into small pieces, and place them in the pan with some olive oil. Add chopped garlic into the mix. Put some salt, pepper, and a little bit of sugar. At first, it will be watery but in 10 minutes water will be gone and the smell of the sauce will make you double hungry.

When the sauce is almost cooked remove the pan from the fire. Add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and mix it well with the sauce.
It is time to pour the sauce over the fried eggplants waiting aside.

How did the fried eggplants with the tomato sauce taste?


I expected to get a decent outcome from this simple recipe.


When the tomato sauce started to spread the incredible smell, I was sure that the result will be a success. As you can see in the video also, I couldn’t stop eating with my mouth watering before every sample I took for tasting.

Unbelievably delicious and simple. You should try to cook and share photos of your result on my Facebook page. Also on the Facebook page, you can suggest what else I can cook and record soon.