It was another hard workday’s evening and we decided to try the newly opened Belgium restaurant/cafe called Brussels Mussels.

Where is Brussels Mussels?

The place located under the business complex where the Marriott Courtyard hotel is also a part of it. It is about six minutes walking distance from the iconic Cathedral of the city.

Is a reservation needed for Brussels Mussels?

When we approached the cafe it was a big surprise for me to see that inside was fully packed with people. Places are rarely this much popular during the weekdays in Vilnius. So reservation is recommended a few days before if you do not want to return home or wait for long times.

When we entered in, luckily we found a place for 2 at the bar.

The Atmosphere

The mood inside was more like a pub. The vibe chills you out immediately. Sitting at the bar and watching the drinks prepared is always a good warm-up for me before starting to eat.

What to eat?

I found the menu here is very satisfactory. My first thought was about how to plan the next visit here to try the other things on the menu. I should slow down. I didn’t even order my food yet.

The mussels attracted my attention and didn’t spend much time choosing what to eat. The name of the place shouts it, right? Brussels Mussels.

So if you want to spend some time in a noisy pub with good food and drinks I recommend trying Brussels Mussels. In case you recently tried this restaurant and in search of another place with a similar vibe, you can check the Spanish restaurant in the old town of Vilnius. Make sure you read my article about the Spanish restaurant El Mercado before checking in there.